Liquid Manufacturing


We have extensive experience in manufacturing dermatological and grooming products for the veterinary industry. Our liquid manufacturing rooms are set up to handle any size batch from 100 to 1,200 Gallons.

Our wide variety of equipment allows us to make shampoo’s, lotions, creams and suspensions.

Our excellent Quality Assurance team has helped us build a reputation as quality leaders in the industry. Time and time again we have helped our clients develop products that are of the highest standard. Visit our Dermatological & Grooming Pages to see the extensive product capabilities we possess for liquid manufacturing.

Nutritional Manufacturing


Since our inception, Custom Veterinary Services has been developing and manufacturing the highest quality nutritional supplements for dogs, cats and horses. We have proprietary capabilities to manufacture all kinds of nutritional soft chews, powders, liquids and tablets.


We also have the capabilities to manufacture just about any kind of dental product for your brand. Visit our Nutritional Page to see the extensive product capabilities we possess for food manufacturing.

Tablet Press