Calming Soft Chew

Calming Soft Chew




Highly palatable Soft Chew containing various ingredients to calm dogs that suffer from hyperactivity and/or anxiety.


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Good Manufacturing Practice Seal
FDA Registered

This very palatable soft chew uses natural ingredients to aid in relieving a pet’s anxiety from storms, travel and loud noises.  For owners confident in the calming support of milk protein hydrolysate, a key ingredient found in no other calming support.


This is a unique and potent blend that contains natural flower and root extracts such as valerian, passion flower, and ginger root. Also contains B vitamins, which support nerve health. Use before travel, thunderstorms, or trips to the veterinarian or groomer. In an easy-to-give chew boasting an irresistible cheddar flavor most dogs will snap up easily. For dogs.

All of our soft chews are made with a very palatable flavor base using cheese, chicken, bacon or hickory flavors. Our flavor bases have been used for many, many years, with great acceptability and success.

Our facility is registered with the FDA. We are cGMP compliant, as well as Food Safety & Modernization Act (FSMA) compliant. We are a preferred supplier for the NASC.