Our Facility

Custom Veterinary Services, Inc. was founded in 2005 by Mr. Ruben F. Martinez. After having worked 20 plus years for DVM Pharmaceuticals, Inc., as Vice President of Operations & Manufacturing, DVM decided to relocate to St. Joseph, Missouri to consolidate with a recent acquisition, Phoenix Scientific.

Not wanting to pull up roots and move to Missouri, Ruben established Custom Veterinary Services( CVS ) to service the wholesale sector of the veterinary industry. CVS specializes in Contract Manufacturing strictly for the Veterinary Industry. Customers range from  well established Veterinary companies that require manufacturing support for their products, for specific reasons dealing with facilities or expertise, to start up companies looking for the right partner.


Having been an integral part of DVM’s New Product Development Team and with constant involvement with industry leaders,  Mr. Martinez acquired the experience, knowledge and industry intuition for new products and know how as to where the industry is headed. Since the start , CVS has helped many customers create new products for their lines. Some of these products are one of a kind in the industry. CVS is a full service company, that will take the project from inception and help identify the product, develop the formulation, make pilot batches, establish packaging, place products on stability, scale up to production and execute, process and meet cleaning validations. All that the customer needs to do is sell the product.

Ruben Martinez

Custom Veterinary Services, Inc.

Our facility is registered with the FDA and we are fully enabled to submit electronic listings and registrations through the FDA’s electronic gateway. For those that are familiar with the process, you know how incredibly difficult it is to work with FDA’s new electronic submission process. We will take care of filling your listings and registration if required and we will do it at no charge to you. Our facilities are run and maintained under cGMP’s and we take pride in our work  every single day.

Our Philosophy

What does customer service look like?

  • Dock High

  • Ample Cold Storage

  • Accelerated Stability Oven

  • Fully Equipped R&D Laboratory

  • International Shipping Capabilities

  • Fully CGMP Compliant to 21 CFR 210 & 211

  • Fully Validated Water System

  • Fully compliant with 21 CFR 507 & 111

54,000 ft²

with State of the Art Equipment.

FDA Registered

OTC drug manufacturer and food facility.

Research & Development Lab
Liquid Manufacturing Room
Food Extrusion Room
Finished Product Preparation Room
Packaging Room
Packaging Room
Packaging Room
Shipment Area
Dock High Shipment Area

Our Commitment




in every product we manufacture.

helps keeps your cost down while reaching your goals.

getting the job done right. The first time.

Our commitment is to produce the highest quality product, every time we make it. We follow Pharmaceutical standards to make our products, whether they are Nutritional, Grooming, Dental, etc. Holding every product to the highest quality standard is a goal that we strive for every single day. Our processes are all procedure driven and we do not veer away from that.


Every single product that we make MUST be developed under the same guidelines to assure that no detail is missed and production of your product is guaranteed.

We are constantly improving our operation to make your production more efficient and so that we can meet your growing demands. We invest in our business every single year, to make it better, faster and more accurate.